Female Football Power — New Mexico Style

October 18th, 2016 § 0 comments

Ah, what a joy it is to live in New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment. This week there was another salutary event in the history of feminism: Jocelyn Fernandez, described as a “diminutive wide receiver”, stole the show when she scored a touchdown on a flare pass. Her varsity team, St. Michael’s High went on to defeat Pojoaque Valley by a 55-12 score. She didn’t exactly make New Mexico history — Jocelyn is the 2nd female player to score a touchdown in a New Mexico varsity high school game. In 2003, Vanessa Lucero was the first, scoring against ill-fated Pojoaque. However, the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper reported: “In truth, Fernandez scored twice. Her first trip to pay dirt was nothing short of highway robbery when officials ruled she was down inches from the goal line during what appeared to be a 7-yard touchdown run midway in the first quarter.” Jocelyn also kicked two extra points, and played most of the second half as a defensive back. Said Jocelyn: ” Before the game there was talk from Pojoaque that girls can’t play football and shouldn’t be allowed on the field. This was my game to show everyone that, you know, that I can do it. I came out wanting it and I got my glory.” HG felt Fernandez’s game was an apt response to the denigrating remarks about women by Der Groper/Trumperer and his misguided (deplorable?) supporters. HG celebrated Jocelyn Fernandez’s achievement by an appropriate lunch at Sopaipilla Factory (in Pojoaque, of all places.) Menudo, chicken enchilada and a margarita. Go, Jocelyn! Go, Hillary! And: Go, all American women who are stepping forward to demonstrate their dignity and power !!


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