HG’s Pal: Alcohol

May 27th, 2016 § 0 comments

As an 86-year-old (87 in November) HG sometimes contemplates the eventual visit by the Moloch Hamoves. In Hebrew folk lore, this is the winged Angel of Death who beckons mortals to the ultimate finale. Thankfully, the only sound of wings HG hears these days is the sound of hungry humming birds whirling about BSK’s hanging red containers of sugar water. HG, with BSK’s intelligent guidance, pays reasonable attention to health. To no avail, HG’s doctor warns against over indulgence in alcohol. Three glasses of wine a week is the recommendation. Doc must be kidding. HG drinks two to three glasses of wine each night at dinner. Precedes it with a cocktail (Mostly bitters and soda but sometimes adds a tiny bit of vodka, gin or tequila.) Follows it with grappa or brandy. The novelist James Gould Cozzens said: “Whiskey is the old man’s friend.” HG agrees. Alcohol is a pal. The talented and attractive Lisa Fondeur (now resident of Madrid), pointed out to HG a quote from Atticus, the Greek philosopher and authority on Plato: “I hope to arrive to my death, late, in love, and a little drunk.” HG, after 53 years of marriage, not only loves BSK, but is in love with the magical woman. And following that after-dinner snifter, HG is also a little buzzed; thus, HG meets the requirements of Atticus.


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