Perfect Winter Meal

January 20th, 2016 § 6 comments

Happy night Chez HG/BSK in New Mexico. Big time cold snap in the Land of Enchantment. Not only bone chilling cold, but intermittent snow flurries. Nice to be indoors with a fire blazing in the fireplace. Dinner called for comfort food. BSK answered the call with a big pot of hot mushroom and barley soup. HG/BSK and glorious pal and neighbor, Karen K., dusted the soup with Parmesan, Malden Sea Salt Flakes and Aleppo pepper. Whole grain bread and butter. Green salad. An array of cheeses. Red wine. The meal came to a magnificent conclusion. Karen K. is known as “The Dessert Queen.” Her glorious reign continues (HG/BSK are The Dessert Queen’s loyal subjects and grateful beneficiaries). HG will say without equivocation, her dessert of the evening set a new standard of lush excellence. Chocolate Pot de Creme topped with ethereal whipped cream–each portion in an elegant ramekin.. HG/BSK took tiny nibbles. They didn’t want the pleasure to end. The generous Dessert Queen made an extra Chocolate Pot de Creme so HG can relish it as the climax to another meal. Can hardly wait.


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  • Robert Cox says:

    Dessert Queen, huh? And to think that whilst you were supping, sipping and salivating over Chocolate Pot du Creme, I was sitting in Mickey D’s over there across the highway, feasting on a hunk of a fish that swam through the water that eventually ended up on your table as maiden sea salt flakes. Dessert was a lightly warmed Reese’s Cup, which in France, are known as Chocolate Pot du Peanut Butter. And just where does one get maiden sea salt flakes? I’ve checked in Wal-Mart. Struck out. I asked the manager and after he’d uncrossed his eyes he suggested Sarah Palin’s latest book. “She’s a little salty and flake,” he offered, “but she ain’t no maiden.”

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