Friends and Neighbors

November 21st, 2015 § 1 comment

Cold November evening. Crescent moon in the sky. HG/BSK plus their neighbor/pal Karen K., the Dessert Queen, dined at the beautiful home of neighbor/pals Polly B. and David F. A night of joy. The Polly/David living room-dining room-kitchen is the universal dream of New Mexico history and design. The centerpiece is a big room warming Kiva fireplace which David keeps filled with blazing piƱon logs. There are beautiful paintings, tiles, lights, sconces, sculpture, crafts to delight the eyes. Comfortable seating. Chilled vodka (for HG and David) and wine for the women accompanied smoked salmon nibbles. Dinner was local lamb (barbecued to the right degree of rareness by David), crisp asparagus spears and a surprise–acorn squash enhanced by a splash of New Hampshire maple syrup. Went beautifully with the crusty rare lamb. Many glasses of pinot noir. A cheese-fruit-salad course with excellent bread. HG’s recent birthday was celebrated with a Karen K. chocolate cake (lush nut icing). Fabulous. The Dessert Queen continues to reign. Her loyal subjects accompanied the cake with salted caramel gelato. The Paris tragedy was discussed but, as painter/ F. Scott Fitzgerald friend Gerald Murphy said: “Living well is the best revenge.” The joys of friendship, family, creativity, food, wine, the natural environment, art, music, intellectual stimulation—yes, those joys are the proper response to those who would want us to live in darkness and fear

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  • Charles Curran says:

    Clear liquid. Good to hear that HG is back on the horse. Enjoy the upcoming trip. Looking forward to reading about fun to be had.

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