Sunsets on Prince Edward Island

June 29th, 2015 § 0 comments

End of a perfect day on Prince Edward Island. HG and Toby, The Wonder Dog, walked by the sea (HG gulped big drafts of salty intoxicating air. Toby bounded into the ocean. Bounded out. Too cold. Too salty.). HG shucked a dozen Savage Harbor oysters (from the By the Bay Fish Mart in St. Peters). Big, briny wonders. Given the strengthening of the US dollar, these cost about 80 cents each. Vodka on the rocks for HG as HG gobbled up the bargain bivalves au naturel. BSK topped them with shallot vinaigrette and sipped white wine. This was followed by Asian chicken salad (Chicken from last night’s savory spatchcocked bird). Shredded chicken was mixed with radish, cucumber, fennel, scallion, sweet onion, carrot slices plus cooked and chilled rice noodles. Dressing was BSK’s invention: Grated ginger and garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil and mirin. Canadian pecan butter tarts for dessert. (one of the thoughtful homecoming gifts provided by Sharon’s sister Noel M. and husband, Yossi M. They now live on PEI for much of the year and their presence is a blessing.) HG/BSK’s dinner was enhanced by a Mozart string quartette and views of sea and sunset outside a 60 foot window expanse. Yes, HG/BSK have relished many sunsets: The sunset over Great South Bay from the Fire Island rear deck. The sunset over Vancouver’s English Bay from the Mt. Pleasant loft. The sunset over the Hudson River from the 12th floor Upper West Side apartment. But, none were as panoramic, dramatic, colorful and long lasting as the sunsets HG/BSK enjoy on PEI summer nights.

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