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As HG noted in a recent post, Bob’s Clam Hut in Kittery, Maine has been a traditional dining stop for fried clams and other casual New England treats when HG/BSK would motor through the state on the way to Prince Edward Island. Bob’s is famous and possibly the busiest (and most efficient) clam shack in New England. Well, this recent roadside meal was disappointing. HG ordered the seafood basket (fried clams, scallops, haddock, cole slaw, tartar sauce and fried onion rings). At a price of $34.95, HG/BSK expected an abundant amount of food. Wrong. Skimpy for the price. Anticipated clam bellies but got leathery strips. The haddock was ordinary. Scallops were very good. The scant portion of onion rings was just okay. The modest Blount Clam Hut in Riverside, R.I., is much better. HG/BSK will give Bob’s another chance when they drive back to the United States in the fall. Will order scallop rolls. HG thought HG/BSK would stop in Bangor and try the Zen Asian Cafe. Timing was wrong. Continued to drive and stopped in Pocologan, New Brunswick for the night. Destination was Clipper Shipp Beach Motel. The motel is in a time warp. Very 1950’s. Spotlessly clean. Comfortable big beds. A shower with plenty of hot water and good pressure. Clipper Shipp’s motto is: “A Room With A View.” The motel fronts on the Bay of Fundy and the sea view is lyrical. Very hungry HG/BSK went to nearby BayBreeze Motel and Cafe (also sporting a great view of the Bay of Fundy). Thought it might be too late for food. Were delighted to find the cafe owners seated in the empty, plainspoken dining room. The husband and wife team looked as if we had interrupted an argument but, happily, they agreed to feed HG/BSK. Two platters of mixed fried seafood–clams, cod, scallops with French fries and cole slaw. Much better than Bob’s at half the price. Delicious clam bellies. BSK had a glass of white wine and HG had a few shots of vodka washed down with a Moosehead Ale. Happy, surprising meal. Breakfasted there next morning. Dishwater coffee and terrible griddle cakes with synthetic tasting Aunt Jemima Syrup. Win some. Lose some.


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  • Hi HG,

    I’m so bummed your Bob’s experience was poor! Our portions are supposed to be abundant and quality tops – clams especially. The $34 seafood baslet definitely includes whole clams not strips so sounds like we also messed up your order. In short, We Blew It! I’d like to at very least send you a full refund and a gift card for your next (hopefully) visit. OK? We do the same for any dissappointed guest by the way, blogger or not! Whad’ya say? If yes, please send an address.



    • Gerry says:

      I have always loved Bob’s (have been eating there for 12 years). Will try again. You are entitled to the rare mishap.

    • Gerry says:

      Hey, Michael. Can’t accept a refund or gift card. But, thanks anyway. Reflects well on your establishment and its concern for customer satisfaction. My wife and I will be eating at Bob’s in late September. I will introduce myself. I would like to meet you. You are a credit to the dining industry.

    • Gerry says:

      Michael: I was foolish and hasty in turning down your very gracious (no strings attached) offer. Please send my refund and gift card to Gerry Freeman c/o Jeremy Freeman 141 Summit Street Brooklyn, N.Y. 11231. We will be dining at Bob’s in August, September and many times in the years to come. Appreciate your professionalism and generosity. Gerry Freeman

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