There’s No Place Like Home

September 29th, 2013 § 0 comments

Back home again in the Land of Enchantment. New Mexico has never looked better. After years of drought, the skies have given up their liquid manna which means the HG/BSK meadow is lush and green and trees are bursting with shimmering leaves. The fish in the pond seem to have had a merry time procreating. Their numbers have tripled and reflecting HG/BSK’s favorable opinion of racial diversity the fish are a virtual Rainbow Coalition: Golden, black, white, striped, pink, etc. There are touches of color in the trees and soon the autumn hues will replace green. It has been a wet summer in HG/BSK’s Santa Fe/Jacona/Pojoaque neighborhood. There has been some flooding in the area but no damage to HG/BSK/s paradise. HG/BSK marked homecoming with long swims in the indoor pool (decorated with BSK paintings) followed by a traditional dinner of pork chops (dusted with adobo), cannelloni beans, fried peppers and onions, mache salad and abundant red wine. Is life good? As they say in the American hinterlands: “You betcha!!”


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