BSK Does Chowder The Right Way

August 28th, 2013 § 0 comments

The sun played hide-go-seek with the clouds today and the wind whistled above a sea sprouting whitecaps or “whitecats” as Grandson Haru has dubbed them. Perfect day for strolling around the Prince Edward Island bushes harvesting (and eating) raspberries, blueberries and the hundreds of serviceberries that have just ripened — HG predicts some some tasty crumbles in the HG future. The autumnal hints in the air called for steaming bowls of chowder. And, that’s what BSK produced for dinner. BSK’s “chowda” (as its called in New England) consisted of a plenitude of little neck clams, an abundance of fresh corn, chunks of PEI potatoes, thick cut bacon, milk and tarragon. Accompanied by a ciabatta from the master bread maker who sells out of the Cardigan Farmers Market. This chowda is what New England Clam Chowder should taste like — a luscious soup where the briny sweetness of clams is highlighted by the porky under-notes of bacony goodness instead of the gummy, over-thickened and under-clammed nightmare that most restaurants are happy to pass off as Clam Chowder. BSK’s sister, Noel, and husband, Yossi M., are on a brief PEI visit. As landlocked Coloradans, the couple is appreciative of these treats from the sea.


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