Caught Between Two Menudos

May 16th, 2013 § 4 comments

HG, as fans of this blog may have noted, is a big fan of menudo, the very pungent and flavorful Mexican tripe stew. Among menudo’s many benefits is the fact that a bowl banishes a hangover. HG, a conservative imbiber (ahem!!), has not been able to vouch for this. In any case, HG’s menudo go-to place is the plain spoken eat in/take out El Parasol in Pojuaque. EP’s menudo, fragrant with the heady aroma of offal, contains plenty fiery green chilis and is accompanied by chopped raw onion,lemon slices, Mexican oregano and soda crackers. Discerning SJ, during a recent New Mexico visit, said he prefers the menudo at Sopaipilla Factory, a New Mexican eatery a few hundred yards from EP. So, HG had to test SJ’s judgment. Well, SJ is on to something. The Sopaipilla Factory menudo is a bit more refined than El Parasol’s funky version: the tripe itself is very tender and the smell of the red chili broth is cleaner and less earthy than El Parasol’s; lots of spice but not lip searing. You get the obligatory chopped onions-lemon-oregano. But, here’s the big difference. At Sopaipilla Factory you get their specialty: fresh, warm sopapillas (Mexican popovers). As many as you want (“a volonte” as the say in Paris bistros). Smeared with honey butter or drizzled with plain honey they enhance the menudo experience. Another Sopaipilla Factory advantage is the fact they have a liquor license, making it possible to accompany menudo with an icy beer or margarita. HG Still loves El Parasol’s hearty menudo but will vary it with Sopaipilla Factory’s suave version.

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  • Dave Henley says:

    Well, I won’t be PO’ed that we weren’t included. MJ probably would shy away from menudo. Now, son Luke will eat anything: bear, rattlesnake, emu, alligator, maybe even chocolate grasshopper.

    Many thanks, and our gratitude, for a terrific evening with HG, SBK, S and V. Soon again?

    • Gerry says:

      You and MJ are a total joy. Let’s get together at our place for Vietnamese pork chops, shu mai and some other good things. No innards.

  • Sarah Noss says:

    Thanks to HG, I am no longer a menudo virgin. HG: Expanding people’s horizons, one meal at a time.

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