Paris In Pojoaque

January 26th, 2011 § 0 comments

HG is not a big salad fan. Prefers heartier fare. But, had a mind changing lunch experience today at “O” The Eating House, an Italian/French/Mediterranean restaurant five minutes from HG’s Santa Fe , New Mexico home.  “O” is in Pojoaque on the east side of Highway 84/285, some 15 minutes north of Santa Fe–PH: 505-455-2000.  Yes, it’s a strange name for a restaurant but chef-owner Steven Lemon inherited it from the Pojoaque Pueblo which served Native American food there. Lemon decided to forgo the expense of a name change. Anyway, Lemon is a world class chef and today’s salad was a mind bender (HG will be doing a series of posts on Lemon and the restaurant because HG believes significant creative talent should be recognized). Back to the salad: Crisp shreds of duck confit. Tiny cubes of gorgonzola dolce. Toasted pignolia nuts. A variety of lettuces. Thinly sliced apples. Tossed in a vinaigrette of Prosecco, olive oil, sweet sauteed cherries and thyme. Think about it. Confit found a worthy collaborator in the gorgonzola. Pignolias and apple slices created subtle crunch. Cherries added sweetness. Prosecco lightened the olive oil and thyme provided the herbal note. The production had a Parisian air. HG may change his salad stance.

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