Charles Manson Cuisine Revisited

January 31st, 2011 § 1 comment

BSK announced she was going to make “garbage soup.” “What’s this?,” thought suspicious HG. “An homage to the Manson family?” BSK emptied the refrigerator and vegetable larder: broccoli (raw and cooked); zucchini; onions (raw and cooked); string beans; tomatoes; mache; romaine, spinach,kale.   BSK sauteed some garlic with olive oil in a big stockpot.  In went all the vegetables plus chicken broth.  Salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper  (actually, a great deal of cayenne).  Simmered for a long time and then pureed.  BSK served it with a bit of Greek yogurt.  Sublime.  Healthy. Spicy. Economical.  And, the perfect antidote for winter chills. All it needs is a better name. Let’s just call it Beautiful Soup.  (BSK called to HG’s attention the Lewis Caroll poem,”Soup of the Evening.” It begins: “Beautiful Soup, so rich and green, waiting in a hot tureen!  Who for such dainties would not stoop? Soup of the evening,Beautiful Soup.”)

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