Burger Thoughts

January 25th, 2011 § 1 comment

HG has been thinking about hamburgers. HG does not share the great American obsession with burgers.  HG believes that American taste buds and overall health would be improved if The Golden Arches, Burger Royalty, Wendy Crapola and their kin were demolished.  However.  There are times when a properly prepared burger utilizing good meat (not frozen discs resembling hockey pucks) and a bun with some substance can hit the culinary spot.  Consuming a burger allows HG a logical excuse to  eat abundant french fries, onion rings and pickles.  Ketchup, of course.  Hundred Acres in Soho does a quality burger with top notch sides.  And, there’s the landmark Corner Bistro in Greenwich Village.  Inconsistent, but generally good.  Out of town:  Cherry Cricket in Denver is super.  Santa Fe foodies laud Bobcat Bite.  HG is reluctant.  Bobcat Bite serves no alcohol and HG believes that a burger-and-beer is a combination endorsed by the deities.   BSK introduced HG to the world’s ultimate burger when she was a summer stock actress in Hyde Park, N.Y.  The burger joint was Marjo’s.  Does it still exist?  Google research has been fruitless.  But, Marjo’s Platonic ideal of burgerdom still resides in HG’s memory. A gourmand never forgets a goody.

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