Some Rhody Taste Surprises

December 30th, 2010 § 0 comments

Prof. Massimo, HG’s distinguished son-in-law,created a culinary surprise this Christmas: Budino. This is the Italian version of chocolate pudding..less sweet than the American version, denser than a French chocolate mousse. Chocaholic ecstasy when topped with whipped cream.  There was also a spirits surprise.  Neighbors of  Massimo are Dr. I and his wife, Doctor D. They are both family care physicians serving the uninsured, the underserved and the homeless. Not exactly jolly work but you’d never guess. Dr. I, a long,lean guy, radiates energy and originality. Dr. D radiates goodness without being in the least a goody-goody. The hospitable Dr. I hosts a holiday season tasting of his extraordinary collection of Scotch whiskys. This is no casual gathering of tipplers. Dr. I provides a map of Scotland tracing the location of the whiskys plus a scholarly guide to aid the Scotch nouveau through the tasting process.
Dr. I’s guide suggests that after doing a crititical tasting the taster should: “Pour yourself a second dram, suspend your critical judgement and, in the words of Oscar Wilde,’revitalize the soul with the senses and the senses with the soul'”. Dr. I, a Doc who knows a good pour and good prose.

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