Smallest Of The 48

December 28th, 2010 § 0 comments

Funny, quirky Rhode Island (that’s where HG is spending the holiday). Home of great oysters and clams. The basic Rhody food is the doughnut. There’s a Dunkin’ on every corner. The sports arena is the Dunkin’ Donuts Arena,  known to basketball fans as The Dunk. Needless to say, Rhody leads the 48 in per capita doughnut consumption.  The teeny state is home to the ultimate thirst quencher:  Del’s Frozen Lemonade.  HG has experienced the beverage on the Providence- to- Bristol bike path on a blazing summer day.  Del’s works.  Ocean Staters like the combo of clam cakes and Rhode Island clam chowder.  The Rhody chowder is simple and clear.  Clam broth.  Onions.  Potatoes. Chopped clams.  Oregano.  The clam cake is a hunk of fried dough with a vague clam taste.  Meaningless on its own, it achieves stature when dipped into chowder.  And, then there’s New York System wieners.  These are steamed pork frankfurters served on steamed buns.  Fans order a threesome “three ways”–topped with a chili-like meat sauce, mustard and chopped raw onions dusted with celery seed.  A very special taste, beloved by the natives.  Others might prefer more conventional tube steaks.

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