Bloody Failures. Disatrous Consequences

April 4th, 2021 § 0 comments

HG is saddened and angry about the continuous loss of American lives (and those of other countries) in futile, destructive failed wars and invasions. Before the invasion of Iraq (because of the non-existence of “weapons of mass destruction”) Iraq and Iran balanced each other in mutual hostility (they had a bloody war). The Iraq invasion empowered Iran. it left Iraq in ruined chaos. Syria unraveled. A bloodbath leading to a flood of refugees into western Europe giving rise to threatening right-wing leaders. The USA presence in Afghanistan continues. More death. Over the centuries, the British and then the Russians have tried to conquer the country and bring order (of varying political types) to the Afghans. Failure. Now it’s the American turn. Good luck, Uncle Sam!!

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