The Glory Of Sunsets

March 21st, 2021 § 0 comments

HG/BSK have almost 50 feet of windows facing the sea (like much of Prince Edward Island the sea is presently covered with a sheet of ice and snow). HG has the perfect vantage point to watch sunsets as the sun continues to move to the northwest. The colors fascinate. The sun becomes a blazing orange disc.Then, there are shadows of violet with glimpses of tiny bits of blue sky. Pale green shadows appear. Intense pink takes over that is very similar to the French designer Elsa Schaparelli’s “shocking pink” (Yves St. Laurent called it “warrior pink”). Gradually, the skies fade to a very gentle pink before fading into darkness. Fortunate HG, pre-dinner cocktail in hand, watches this color cavalcade almost every night (rain, snow or heavy cloud cover can eliminate the viewing). Sunsets are better than TV. Can’t beat Mother Nature.

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