Mixing Culinary Cultures

March 10th, 2021 § 0 comments

BSK is an adventurous, creative cook. BSK is apt to mix culinary traditions from various cultures, use a variety of spices from different nations, pay little attention to directions for heat or methods. BSK’s rules are her own and the result is delicious, comforting food BSK shares with HG every day. A few nights ago, there was a cannellini, rice, vegetable stew improvised from handy ingredients. HG was sure to eat his bowl with a spoonful of spicy sambal oelek. One of HG’s favorite BSL cultural crossovers is “fire chicken”. Chicken thighs are cooked with spicy Korean chili paste and chili flakes. Then they get the Italian touch of being topped with mozzarella slices which melt into lushness. Koreatalian??

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