Barcelona Joy

March 2nd, 2021 § 0 comments

This Catalonian city is one of HG/BSK’s favorite destinations. Strolling on the lively Rambla. Eating tapas in numerous little bars and restaurants. The incredible food market with its encyclopedic array of sea critters, vegetables and astounding cuts of meat;and the bar dispensing beautiful plates of seafood. Architecture ranging from Gaudi to Mies van der Rohe (yes, that’s where his “Barcelona Chair”, a staple of modern interior design came from, a Barcelona World’s Fair). And, of course, there are many wide, sandy beaches, perfect for lounging after a dip in the sea. Some decades ago, HG/BSK were at a fashionable bistro. Seated at the bar were two elegant women. HG/BSK saw the bartender present them with generous, steaming plates (appeared to be a stew). The ladies ate with happy gusto and drank many glasses of white wine. HG told the waiter: “We’ll have the same.” Turned out to be a bake of fresh cod, sliced potatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, fish broth, olive oil and dashes of hot sauce. It was great . BSK has made many versions of the dish on Prince Edward Island where fresh (not previously frozen) cod is available. Ate it last night with happiness. HG/BSK refer to the dish as “Barcelona joy.”

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