PEI Party

February 17th, 2021 § 0 comments

Party time Sunday night at HG/BSK’s oceanfront home on snowy Prince Edward Island.HG/BSK were joined by BSK’s sister, Noel, and her husband, Yossi. Also present were neighbors Cathy and George K. Lively group. HG shucked oysters (a gift to HG from generous Yossi); folks who shun oysters nibbled crisp toasts with a cheese spread inspired by French chef Jacques Pepin. Nice start. Main dish was BSK’s flavorful chicken curry plus basmati rice, raita (Indian salad of yogurt and chopped vegetables); dal (lentil stew), nan (Indian bread). There were three condiments:Sweet mango chutney, spicy mango chutney, Indian sour pickle mix. Dessert was unusual. BSK experimented with making a mango/coconut pudding. Didn’t turn out as BSK planned but was lush spooned over vanilla ice cream. HG/BSK drank pinot noir while the rest of the table sipped tea and Pellegrino orange soda. Alcoholic (and no.n-alcoholic) toasts were made to the memory of Chuck P. (recently deceased), a kind and caring neighbor.

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