There’s Still Joy

November 13th, 2020 § 0 comments

This has to be one of the worst moments in American history. Thousands of Americans are being infected with Covid-19 and hundreds are dying. The Nazi president and his goosestepping cultist lackeys (aka the GOP) don’t care. They are focused on overturning the election with nonsensical claims of fraud. The Nazi in chief and his filthy consorts have brought the government to a halt at a time when we Americans must fight against disease and death. Joe Biden’s hands are tied. Meanwhile, many cities are running out of hospital beds–and coffins–as the corpses pile up. Criminal callousness rules.

Yes, HG is in a white-hot fury about these Nazi scum (AKA GOP.) However, HG managed to wring joy out of HG’s day on glorious Prince Edward Island. (Of course, BSK was integral). First, there was a brisk walk in the cool oceanic air. Then, a hot shower followed by vodka on the rocks enlivened with a dash of Peychaud’s Bitters. Perfect dinner. BSK glazed North Atlantic salmon filets with Korean soy paste, mirin and other Asian ingredients. Pan broiled them in a cast iron pan to a delicate, semi-rare, silky texture. Boiled Ocean Mist Farm potatoes (sprinkled with Maldon smoked sea salt and moistened with olive oil). There was also surprisingly good buttery Peruvian asparagus. Drank pinot noir. Had the usual dessert of French chestnut puree with whipped cream. Snifter of Bagaco marc after dinner. Life still has good moments.

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