Another Doubleheader

November 16th, 2020 § 0 comments

As HG explained in a post last month, a dining “doubleheader” is a dinner with enough leftovers for dinner the next night. This works for soups, curries, stews and braises. Frees BSK from cooking chores one night. And, it means one clean up of pots and pans. An Italian doubleheader brought two nights of pleasure for HG/BSK last week. Potatoes and onions were cut into quarters and red peppers and yellow peppers were sliced as well as abundant garlic. Doused with chicken broth, white wine and olive oil, this went into a Creuset baking dish and was cooked over stove top medium heat. Italian sausages (the Prince Edward Island Farmers Market has good ones) were fried into juiciness. They topped the succulent vegetables with a handful of ripe cherry tomatoes. Red pepper flakes. Parmesan. A dash of Sicilian olive oil. Much, much Spanish Tempranillo. Happiness. Another benefit was that cooking this robust dish filled HG/BSK’s oceanfront home with appetizing aromas.

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