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Monday, Sept. 12, was Canadian Thanksgiving Day (Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day in USA). HG/BSK have much to be thankful for. Living healthily and happily in HG/BSK’s Prince Edward Island oceanfront home during the pandemic is one of many blessings (plus the HG/BSK family in Rhode Island, New Mexico, and Japan have been healthy). Fingers are crossed. No turkey this Thanksgiving Day. Instead, BSK prepared a feast of Indian dishes ranging from chicken curry to cauliflower with sweet pea chutney. Other dishes included saag paneer (using feta cheese instead of Indian paneer); dal (made by HG); refreshing raita salad. Mango chutney, chopped lime pickles and warmed naan. Dining companions were BSK’s sister, Noel M., and brother in law, Yossi M.; Morina Pipes and her son, Daniel. Morina is a Russian from an area bordering Syria. Daniel lives in Charlottetown while pursuing his Masters degree (and running a paint contracting business.). Morina and Israeli husband, Amram, farm many acres near N. and Y. ‘s Ocean Mist Farm. Amram, a skilled agriculturist, is presently in Uzbekistan working with an Israeli team on an ambitious irrigation project. HG/BSK’s guests did not come empty-handed. The multitude of gifts included fresh produce, wine, challah, tasty cookies. Morina’s dish of zucchini in tomato sauce went nicely with Indian fare. White and red wines were drunk in abundance. Laughter and high spirits. A memorable event.

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