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Autumn is HG’s favorite season. Prince Edward Island has been delightful this October. Many crisp,sunny, breezy days. Malpeque oysters are very good in October. (A month with an “R” in it). And, of course, the colorful leaf displays of trees and shrubs. HG is a “leafie”, an autumn leaf lover. Montclair, NJ, HG/BSK’s home for many years, was an autumn color explosion. When living in New York, HG/BSK would bicycle to Central Park to enjoy the changing season. Sometimes HG/BSK would cycle over the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the colorful tree-lined streets of Brooklyn Heights. Traditionally, Vermont has been the mecca for leafies. One year HG/BSK motored there to view the spectacle, Sadly, by the time HG/BSK arrived, frost and winds had removed all the leaves. This past Sunday night was alternate week dinner at Ocean Mist Farm, home of BSK’s sister, Noel M., and Noel’s husband, Yossi M. The thirty-minute drive to Ocean Mist was alive with color. Dinner was barbecued pork chops accompanied by, surprise!!, the last sweet corn on the cob of the season. Yums. HG celebrated by drinking locally brewed moonshine, ‘White Lightning” Powerful. HG managed to get to the car for homeward trip. Shakily.

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