October 25th, 2020 § 0 comments

Yes, autumn on Prince Edward Island is glorious. Colorful leaves. Gentle winds. Crisp temperatures. Seasonal oysters. And, in terms of the coronavirus, PEI is one of the safest places on earth (fingers remain crossed, however). What interferes with HG’s oceanic pleasures is election anxiety. Despite favorable polls, HG is concerned that quasi dictator Trump and the fascist corrupt Republican party might manage to steal the election. A Biden defeat would mean the end of democracy in America. Almost 250 years of a noble experiment, the hope of the world, would come to a crashing halt. Hey, it happened in Germany in 1932. HG will be 91 on Nov. 9. Realistically, HG doesn’t have many more years left. The lucky man married the love of his life, BSK, and has been blessed with a wonderful son and daughter, four glorious grandchildren; a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law who are loving, talented and admirable in numberless ways. In addition HG has a life-enhancing daughter, Victoria, from HG’S first marriage, and Victoria’s multi-talented husband, Marc Meyer, another wondrous son-in-law. As the cliche has it: HG’s cup runneth over. When the Moloch Hamoves (the angel of death) arrives for HG, the old guy’s wish is that the big, black bird, perch on a United States that is still a democracy.

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