Wine Gifts

September 13th, 2020 § 0 comments

BSK returned from Montague, Prince Edward Island, liquor store with BSK’s usual, delicious, value-conscious wines. Wine is expensive in Canada because of import duties and other taxes. However, BSK finds tasty bargains from Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, France and Canada’s Okanagan region. Looking over BSK’s latest selections, HG was reminded of the late Ronald Goldberger. Ron was a prominent figure in the New York commercial real estate world; first as a broker with Edward S. Gordon Co.; later as chief executive of the New York headquarters of a giant international real estate firm. He was irreverent and had a well-honed sense of humor (both verbally and in well-crafted doggerel). He was an adroit negotiator and a dedicated colleague to his clients. Some years ago, Ron negotiated a lease renewal for a Manhattan-based advertising agency. The President of the agency was a wine expert with an outstanding collection of the greatest and rarest vintages. Ron did a bang-up job, saving the agency much money. In recognition, he was gifted with a case of top echelon French wines (Chateau Lafitte, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Rothschild, etc.). Ron protested. It was against his company’s policy to receive gifts from clients but he would accept if he could reciprocate. On the next day, the agency received a case of wine from Ron. It contained Wild Irish Rose and similar bottles of undrinkable plonk.

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