Swell September

September 3rd, 2020 § 0 comments

September is one of the best months on Prince Edward Island. And, ushering it in, September first was a perfect day. Sunny, warm (not hot), clear blue skies, gentle breezes. Made old HG glad to be alive. HG motored to Atlantic Shellfish and picked up splendid Malpeque oysters selected by gracious Cindy Dockendorff. Before shucking, HG/BSK lounged on the deck of HG/BSK’s oceanfront paradise, admired the sea, the emerging sunset, the scenic “corn” moon. BSK sipped white wine. HG had the usual vodka and Campari on the rocks. The weather cooled as night moved in. The oysters were big, briny and lush. (Oh, HG will miss this best of sea treats when returning to landlocked New Mexico). Dinner was three ears each for HG/BSK of buttered and salted Blum’s sweet corn, the world’s best. Salad was composed of sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, pungent basil leaves (from BSK’s garden). Serenity, natural beauty, food pleasures. That’s September PEI.

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