Happy New Year!!!

September 23rd, 2020 § 1 comment

The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah welcomes the new year with joy and festive feasting. This Rosh Hashanah, Marina Pipes hosted a merry supper (as the evening meal is called on Prince Edward Island. Lunch is called dinner.). Marina, a Russian, and her husband, Amram, an Israeli, are neighbors of BSK’s sister, Noel M., and brother-in-law Yossi M. (Yes, it’s a coincidence that Yossi and Amram, both Israelis, should make their homes in the same neighborhood of faraway Prince Edward Island). Amram, who farms and raises livestock on his PEI acreage, could not be present. An expert agriculturist, he is working on an ambitious irrigation project in Uzbekistan with an Israeli team. So, present at the feast were Marina, HG/BSK; Noel and Yossi M.; Marina’s Russian/Jewish neighbors, Luda and Savely Krichevsky (he was an engineer and she was a musicologist and singer in Russia ). The couple found their careers blocked for political and ethnic reasons and, under a special program, migrated to the Saskatchewan Province of Canada. Found the weather unpleasant and made their way to PEI and second careers, He is a currency expert and trader in rare coins. She is a hair stylist (cuts BSK’s hair). The supper table was crowded with good things. Roast tomatoes stuffed with ground lamb. A Russian/Iranian version of potato salad. Grated carrot salad. Roast mutton. Russian version of ratatouille. Egg salad. Platter of onions, olives and cherry tomatoes. Dessert was a Russian pie stuffed with preserved fruit. Jugs of white and red wine. (HG drank icy vodka as homage to the Russian origins of the dishes and three of the diners). With urging from HG/BSK, Luda entertained post dinner with Russian songs a capella. Beautiful voice and dramatic phrasing. Happy New Year, indeed !!!

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  • Yossi Martonovich says:

    Dear HG,
    I enjoyed your writing about our Rosh Hashana festival.
    Have a wonderful year, filled with good food, fine wine, joy, and NACHAT !!!

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