Fire Island / Prince Edward Island Clams

September 26th, 2020 § 0 comments

HG followers may have noted that HG often writes about clams. Although HG loves steamers, razor clams and other varieties, HG has a particular fondness for littlenecks and cherry stones (quahogs). These versatile, hardshell bivalves are great in chowders (best is Rhode Island’s clear broth version available at Legal Seafood eateries); wonderful on the half shell with an optional squeeze of lemon juice (young HG ate dozens at Nathan’s in Coney Island and Lundy’s on Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn). Clams Casino (as cooked by BSK) is a classic starter for an Italian meal. So is Clams Posillipo (steamed clams in a tomato/garlic/olive oil broth). A robust amount of clams (in many dishes) were consumed by HG/BSK and family (plus friends) during HG/BSK’s many summer vacations at their dune house on Fire Island (Fire Island is a lengthy barrier beach between Long Island’s Great South Bay and the Atlantic Ocean). The clams were harvested from the Bay using toes rather than rakes. HG has maintained that Long Island and Rhode Island clams are tastier than those from Prince Edward Island. Wrong. PEI clams are great as proved by BSK yesterday. BSK clammed at Panmure Island and brought three dozen to HG/BSK ‘s oceanfront home on PEI’s north shore. Dinner was linguine con vongole (white clam sauce). The best ever. Each element was perfect. Garofalo linguine cooked al dente (Garofalo is the superior brand of dry packages pasta). Clams steamed to juicy tenderness. Sauce of clam broth, olive oil, garlic, white wine, Italian broad leaf parsley. (HG dusted HG’s size xl portions with red pepper flakes). HG/BSK dined while watching the colors change over the oceanic Gulf of St. Lawrence. HG/BSK would eat the same dish on Fire Island facing the Atlantic Ocean (or sunsets over Great South Bay). Delicious clam eating linked the past and present last night.

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