September 11th, 2020 § 2 comments

Twenty-eight years ago, HG wrestled gently with SJ and SJ discovered a lump on HG’s neck. Visited doctor who ordered CT scan. Bad news. CT scan showed advanced throat cancer. Miracle surgery by Dr. Victor Schramm (and 10 person team). Radiation. Uncomfortable year of recuperation. With that unpleasant history, HG showed concern last week when Prince Edward Island doctor ordered a CT scan of HG’s lungs. Hmm!! Possible lung cancer? Had 50 years of Marlboros and Punch maduro leaf cigars (all inhaled) caught up with HG again? The results of CT came in yesterday. HG lungs are blemish-free and in relatively good shape for a 91 year old man (in November) with CPRD. So, there was a happy celebration dinner last night of Blum’s sweet corn (last of season) and gently sauteed halibut with a side dish of PEI yellow beans. HG began the celebration with a large dry martini. Hey, it looks like HG might stick around (hopefully) for a few more years.

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