Another Perfect Meal

September 6th, 2020 § 0 comments

September Prince Edward Island weather continues to be sunny and moderately warm. For some reason, the sunsets and cloud formations are unusually colorful. With each passing day, the sun sets a further distance in the east. The forty feet of large windows in HG/BSK’s oceanfront home allow comfortable viewing of the natural splendors. BSK noted that it’s like having a super-colossal TV tuned to an imaginative “nature” show. Happily, the colors are at their peak during dinner. Perfect meal last night. BSK fried super fresh hake last night. BSK’s frying technique which utilizes a special non-stick Paderno pan over moderate heat, results in crisp, juicy, not greasy, fish filets. Accompanied by local mustard pickles, lemon slices and Frank’s Hot Sauce, this is a true sea treat. HG started the meal with six Malpeque oysters. And, since the season continues, buttered and salted ears of Blum’s corn were consumed with pleasure. Sliced tomato and feta cheese salad on the table. Slightly chilled red wine was drunk. Perfect.

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