Two Nights Of PEI Sea Delights

August 1st, 2020 § 0 comments

HG/BSK’s gifted daughter Lesley R., and husband, Profesore Massimo R. are stuck within the boundaries of our shared PEI property — the terms of a strict 14-day quarantine for all PEI visitors. “Stuck” is a rather negative word for spending time in these delicious environs and enjoying two nights of perfect sea dinner. The sequence for the first night was graceful. Each element was fresh and delicious. First, there were big (some were giant) Malpeque oysters (shucked by HG and Massimo). Then, steamed soft-shell clams that were dipped in melted butter given a bit of heat by drops of Frank’s Hot Sauce. Main dish was hours-from-the-sea halibut. This was marinated in BSK’s special mix and then basted in the marinade while the filets gently sauteed. A classic, lush fish masterpiece. Side dishes were bulgur rice and local yellow beans enriched by BSK’s garlic scape pesto. Green salad and cheese.

A fish fry is one of HG’s favorite meals. HG recalls, with nostalgic pleasure, the fried fish meals he would eat in New York’s Harlem neighborhood during HG’s college days at City College (located on Convent Avenue and 138th Street). Following football practice at Lewisohn Stadium, sturdy and hungry HG, would devour fried catfish with sides of macaroni and cheese, home fries and collard greens. Fish was fried in lard and given a sprinkle of blazing vinegar pepper hot sauce upon serving. Appetite was appeased. There are still a number of good fried fish restaurants in Harlem. Fish frys are still celebratory meals in African-American neighborhoods. This tradition goes back to plantation (concentration camp) days in the south when slaves went fishing on their one short workday and fried the catch for a happy communal dinner. For the second night of sea delights, a family tradition was overturned at a PEI fish fry dinner. The fish was fresh hake and HG has always done the frying in an appropriate black cast iron pan. Not last night. BSK was the fry cook. And, the result was better than HG’s efforts. Side dishes were small mineral-rich PEI potatoes, gilded with olive oil and sprinkled with Malden sea salt; local yellow beans mixed with BSK’s garlic scape pesto. Much joy.

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