Seafood Dining

July 17th, 2020 § 0 comments

For a decade or so, fresh seafood was available at By The Bay Fish Mart in St.Peters, just minutes from HG/BSK’s oceanfront home on Prince Edward Island. Sadly, By The Bay closed last year. No longer could HG pick up sole, cod, haddock, hake, oysters, quahogs, mussels and more on a daily basis. But, not all is lost. A fish truck pulls up in St.Peters every Wednesday morning and is in Souris (25 minute drive from home) on Fridays. 6 days a week, MR Seafood sells fish from its well-stocked shop in Charlottetown (a long 45 minutes away). Happily, very fresh oysters and mussels are available five days a week in Morell (15 minute drive). Gracious Cindy Dockendorff at Atlantic Shellfish selects the biggest, briniest, tastiest oysters for oyster gourmand HG. So, HG/BSK are relishing super seafood, a welcome change from dinners in landlocked New Mexico. This week, BSK picked up soft shell clams, Digby Bay sea scallops and thick haddock filets. One dinner featured the steamed clams followed by, lightly sauteed scallops on greens. Following night HG fried the haddock and BSK cooked tiny PEI potatoes (the world’s best) and broiled tomatoes with herbs and feta cheese. Life’s good.

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