Healing Food

July 22nd, 2020 § 0 comments

HG tripped and banged into a bathroom fixture. Pain. X-rays revealed no broken ribs but Doc said there might be minor rib cracks. Nothing serious. However, it will take some time to heal. HG is battling discomfort with Canadian Tylenol (more potent than American) and, of course, BSK’s loving care. As for food, BSK has focused on comfort. One night, BSK made mussels with linguine. A few original touches. Cooked in olive oil chopped onions and fennel, plentiful garlic, tarragon from the garden. Added clam broth (from a previous softshell clam feast) and white wine. Mussels and cherry tomatoes steamed happily in this mix. All was poured over al dente pasta with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. Multi flavors, all delicious. Next evening BSK prepared congee (AKA “jook”), the silken rice porridge. BSK made it protein-rich with sea scallops. Soaked, dry Chinese shitake mushrooms (and the soaking broth), gave the porridge an earthy tang. Hey, call BSK “Dr. BSK”. The Wonder Woman’s food heals.

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