June 17th, 2020 § 0 comments

In the absence of maple syrup or jam (HG/BSK are in the sixth day of 14-day self-isolated quarantine), HG has been supplementing breakfast yogurt and after dinner cheese with delicious, crystallized honey from the middle east. The brand is Alisha. HG presumed this delicacy came from Lebanon, source of much good food. However, when HG examined the honey jar, HG learned the product was from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is not HG’s favorite country. The 9/11 destroyers that killed thousands of Americans were Saudis. The country’s policies regarding women are horrendous. The legal system is a sardonic joke. Criminal punishment is medieval. Recently, a journalist critical of Saudi’s autocratic rulers and religious fanaticism was murdered (seemingly by government orders). HG knows there’s an abundance of petroleum in Saudi. But, honey? A surprise.

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