In A Democracy

June 14th, 2020 § 0 comments

Yes, HG/BSK are in Canada. No problems at the border. Given orders to self-quarantine for 14 days. So nice to be in a democracy headed by a rational (albeit long-haired) leader. Famished HG/BSK completed first leg of the journey to Prince Edward Island home in a St. John, New Brunswick, hotel. Spacious room. HG had pre-dinner vodka. White wine for BSK. Opened the portable cooler to see the Italian delights selected by generous son-in-law, Massimo R., for the HG/BSK auto voyage. Superb prosciutto and mortadella; olives; very good bread; an array of cheeses—pecorino, gorgonzola dolce, ground parmesan. Oh, my!!! Marvelous dinner with a good bottle of French pinot noir. HG demolished most of the pecorino. HG never found top pecorino in Santa Fe. Massimo’s selection was fabulous, earthy and lush. HG is very lucky to have a leading academician and author as a son in law. And, being Italian, Massimo has the knowledge to source the best in wine and food. (His wife, HG/BSK’s gifted daughter, Lesley R., is a wonderful cook so they compose a dynamic culinary duo).

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