Vancouver Bliss

November 18th, 2019 § 0 comments

BSK’s 90th birthday gift to HG has been a week in HG/BSK’s favorite city. Beautiful, politically progressive Vancouver, B.C.. Diverse and Asian, Vancouver is filled with fit and handsome people (folks who can afford the astronomical housing prices). And, a paradise for aficionados of Chinese, Japanese and other Asian food (seems to have more sushi shops per capita than Tokyo). Adroit BSK found a splendid apartment with sea and mountain views. And, on the second floor of the building is a heated indoor pool plus a hot tub with powerful massage jets. The pool/hot tub has been HG’s private spa domain since no one but HG seems to use the facility. So, after a yogurt and coffee breakfast, HG is alone in the sun-kissed pool, paddling with joy, for 30 minutes or more. Then, into the hot tub for ten minutes of relaxation. Weather has been good so there have been visits to scenic Stanley Park and walks along English Bay. The shopping streets in Vancouver have not been turned over to the chains. Many Mom and Pop operations plus fashion shops of all kinds. Browser heaven. Such activity makes HG want traditional Chinese food. The go-to spots have been Peaceful Restaurant in the Kitsilano neighborhood and Congee Noodle House In the now fashionable Mt. Pleasant nabe. Congee Noodle House was HG/BSK’s takeout standby when the duo lived a block away. It remains lusty, down to earth and inexpensive. Bright and cherry, Peaceful has a number of branches throughout Van but the Kitsilano venue seems to be the winner. Here are some of the dishes HG/BSK enjoyed: Cumin lamb with noodles (noodles come in two sizes, round and flat). Wontons in chili oil. Pan fried pork dumplings. Szechuan string beans. Braised garlic eggplant with pork. Chive pockets (stuffed with chives, vermicelli, and shrimp). Food is wonderful, noodles are heavenly and the portions are huge. At Congee Noodle, HG/BSK ate braised fish with vegetables; wontons in broth; dumplings in spicy sauce. Steamed chicken. Barbecue pork. And, of course, congee. One version with chopped oysters and ground pork and another with Chinese mushroom and sliced scallops. Congee is the empress of the food comfort world.

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