Anh & Chi: The Best!

November 19th, 2019 § 0 comments

Anh and Chi Vietnamese Restaurant may be the best restaurant in North America. Anh and Chi means brother and sister, and that’s who own and run it. Located on Main Street in the trendy Mt. Pleasant neighborhood, it has an interior of cutting edge modernism and a waitstaff that is amiable and deft. And, it’s got an inspiring history. The Phuong brother and sister had a grandmother that owned a Saigon restaurant that was a favorite of artists, musicians and intellectuals. Their mother and father were refugees (the so-called boat people) who left Vietnam in 1983. They opened a small noodle shop in Vancouver, B.C. It later expanded into Pho Huang Vietnamese Restaurant, a bustling down-home place. They ran it for 33 years before turning it over to their children. Total renovation. New menu featuring an innovative, creative, contemporary Vietnamese cuisine. There are no reservations. Lines can stretch around the block during popular lunch and dinner times (HG/BSK ate there at 3PM and the wait was minimal). Obviously, a spectacular success. Okay, let’s talk about the dazzling food HG/BSK relished: Grilled skewers of prawns, eggplant, tofu, okra, pork, chicken, baby squid, beef. Crisp spring rolls (Cha Gio Chay) vertically sliced to easily absorb condiments before being wrapped in lettuce leaves. Mind-blowing chicken wings in chili fish sauce. (Forget Buffalo wings. These are the best HG/BSK ever tasted). Banh Mi pork sandwiches on fresh baguettes. (tasty melange of meat and fresh and pickled vegetables). “Tossed Noodles,” a rice noodle dish with pork, prawns, bean sprouts and other veggies enriched with a zesty sauce. Pho, of course. Ultimate broth. Al dente noodles. Rare slices of beef. Super fresh vegetables and leafy garnishes. Pho that dreams are made of. Sadly, this Pho will make all other restaurant versions seem insipid. Excellent wine and beer list. A new and inventive dessert every day. Anh and Chi was the dining climax of HG/BSK’s one week stay in Vancouver (BSK’s gift to HG on his 90th birthday). HG advice: Get on a plane to Vancouver and eat soley at Anh and Chi for a week.

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