Yom Kippur. No Food. No Sex.

October 1st, 2019 § 0 comments

HG is writing this on Sept. 30 after an epic Rosh Hashonah food and musical evening. HG will be writing about this event in an upcoming post but, for now, let’s focus on Yom Kippur. This day of atonement (and HG has plenty of sins to atone for), will begin at sundown on Oct.8 and end on the night of Oct 9, a 25 hour period. Synagogue services will begin with a Cantor chanting Kol Nidre, a tribute to a forgiving god. (Many good versions of Kol Nidre can be found on YouTube). During this time observant Jews fast. No food. No drink (including water). Washing or bathing is forbidden as are lotions, creams and wearing leather footwear. Conjugal sexual relations are forbidden. As a confirmed atheist and humanist, HG does not observe Yom Kippur. However, HG and Episcopalian BSK, treat Rosh Hashonah as a delightful New Year’s Eve (this year is 5780). Much better than the conventional Dec. 31 event. Though HG’s parents were socialists, secular in outlook and lax about kashruth (keeping a kosher home), they were strict about observing Yom Kippur and strict about HG fasting. Rebellious HG would disappear from home and play basketball with Our Lady of Angels Catholic School boys. Would return famished – the celebratory end-of-fast meal many hours away. In a recent communication, Peter H., the renowned writer, reminded HG of an incident of sinful gluttony in HG’s youth. HG’s late Mom made sensational rugelach. These pastries had a flaky crust and were crammed with walnuts, raisins, cinnamon and honey. Not to be resisted. And, naughty HG did not resist. Mom and Pop were at the Kingsbridge Heights Synagogue (Yom Kippur was the one day when they both attended). So, HG ate one of the 10 rugelach which were meant for the end-of-fast night meal. The day went on and the greedy lad kept nibbling and soon all of the rugelach were gone. Mom came home. Began screaming “Gahnuvim!!” (thieves). The rugelach were close to the rear door. Mom was convinced that a rugelach burglar had entered. Told HG to call the police. HG confessed. Using early public relations skills, HG told Mom the rugelach were too tempting and should have been placed under lock and key. Mom didn’t buy this justification. Mom and Pop did not believe in corporal punishment (thankfully) but there were many harsh words from them. This did not prevent naughty HG from participating in the lush night meal. After all, a growing boy had to eat.

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