“What Did You Say?”

October 8th, 2019 § 0 comments

Yes, that’s HG’s most used phrase. The old (90 next month) guy’s hearing has deteriorated. At family gatherings and dinners with friends, usually voluble HG remains silent as wisps of talk swirl faintly about. Soft voiced BSK must shout in order to communicate. Good news. That’s all in the past tense. After much urging from BSK and the rest of HG’s family, reluctant HG finally gave in and procured expensive (and worth it) hearing aids. There were professional hearing examinations at Horizon Hearing Centre in the Town of Montague, Prince Edward Island. D.Michael Learie, audiology clinician, conducted the tests and prescribed very effective, barely visible aids. Yes, HG can now hear. Oh, joy. There’s another benefit. Hearing is connected to balance. Since wearing the aids, HG can walk without a cane. HG’s bearing is straighter. Days are happier.

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