5780 – Entered With Joy

October 4th, 2019 § 0 comments

Sunday night, Sept. 30. First night of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year (it’s 5780 now). HG/BSK had the good fortune to be part of the most delicious, rousing, musical new year’s eve celebration ever. It all took place at Amram and Marina’s farm, just a few miles from Ocean Mist Farm, the verdant, fertile agricultural Prince Edward Island acreage of Noel and Yossi M. (BSK’s sister and brother in law). Amram, like Yossi, was reared on an Israeli kibbutz and has been a major organic farmer for many years, first in Turkey and now on PEI. Among his crops are oats which make HG/BSK’s favorite oatmeal. Unique coincidence that two former kibbutzniks should wind up as neighbors on PEI. Amram’s wife, Marina, grew up in a multi-ethnic part of Russia bordering Iran. The diversity of that area influences her splendid cuisine. Amram and Marina’s big dining table was filled cozily. In addition to A. and M., there were their son, Daniel, a senior at Prince Edward Island University; Yossi and Noel; HG/BSK. Plus Luda and Sevillie (originally from Belorussia where Luda (female) was a musician/singer and Sevillie (male) was a music producer. On PEI, Luda is a hairstylist and Sevillie is a financial trader. (They brought perfect, home-baked challahs). And, also at table were Joe and wife, Geneva. Both are retired schoolteachers, originally from Newfoundland. They now winter in Calgary and summer on PEI. The festivities began with wine (BSK brought four bottles) and slices of apple with honey (to guarantee a sweet year, hopefully). Salad dishes covered the table (HG’s favorite was grated carrots). And, then began a parade of hot dishes. Lamb. Chicken. Stuffed cabbage. Stuffed zucchini. There may have been more. A feast of original and savory dishes. The meal ended with Marina’s Russian apple pie and Noel’s zucchini bread (N. and M. also provided a leg of lamb for the meat dishes). Bibulous HG sipped Crown Royal Canadian whiskey brought by Joe. Off to the living room for music. Talented Joe brought his accordion and Yossi had his guitar. What followed was a wonderful concert. Songs of Canada and the Maritime Provinces from Joe ( thoughtfully, he projected the lyrics on a computer screen). Rosh Hashanah and Israeli melodies from Yossi. Then a happy surprise. Beautiful singing of Russian songs by Luda. Some of them were favorites of HG’s late Belorussian-born Mom. Brought back wistful memories. The magical evening reproduced another age when families grew their own food, cooked it without short cuts and finished special meals with homespun music, song (and poetry recitations by the very young). This age came back to life on Rosh Hashanah, Prince Edward Island, 5780.

Jewish custom for the New Year

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