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Canadian-born BSK has many links to English culture and customs. BSK’s Mom was born in England and BSK’s Dad was the son of English emigrants to Canada. Thus, BSK was raised with a liking for “a cuppa” of tea. That is, a cup of properly brewed tea served from a teapot adorned with a heat retentive “tea cozy.” BSK scorns the American custom of putting a tea bag in a cup of hot water. (Feh!!). During many visits to London, HG/BSK enjoyed afternoon tea at Browns Hotel. Seated in comfortable armchairs, HG/BSK indulged in strong tea, cucumber sandwiches, scones with clotted Devonshire cream and jam, pastries. The tea appeased appetites until theater time. Post theater, HG/BSK favored the glamorous Savoy Grill for smoked salmon and Dover sole. (London was affordable in times past). BSK, to HG’s delight, has revived the afternoon tea tradition in Prince Edward Island. HG skips lunch in favor of a hearty breakfast. So, HG gets peckish in the afternoon. Voila!! A steaming “cuppa.” Plus the great Canadian pastry, Butter Tart. Shortbread-like round tart encloses a filling that resembles American pecan pie without the nuts. Never see Butter Tarts in the USA. Canadians won’t let them travel.

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