Prince Edward Island At Last

June 7th, 2019 § 1 comment

Oh, joy. We’ve arrived at our oceanside paradise. Crisp, clean, bracing air. Infinite sea views. And, that ultimate luxury in a noisy world: Quiet. As usual, the sunsets are spectacular. With more than 40 feet of windows facing the sea, the changes in weather–fog, sun, mist, clouds–and colors–gold, grey, green, violet–provide visual delight. Since the Islanders are Canadian (most from Scotch/Irish stock), manners are gentle and helpfulness is part of their character (as is the love of music and dance celebrated in weekly “ceilighs”, homespun evening of music and song). And, of course, there’s food. Last night was a meal of plump, juicy mussels preceded by shucked oysters from the Savage Harbor beds. These oysters have a sublime texture and are sweet rather than briny. They need a squeeze of lemon or BSK’s Mignonette sauce (shallots and vinegar). Oysters cost 65 cents (US) each and mussels are modestly priced. HG paid three dollars (US) for 2.5 pounds. By the Bay Fish Mart in St. Peters hasn’t opened yet but HG/BSK are looking forward to meals featuring their cod, hake, haddock, sole, halibut and salmon. Plus clams (steamers and quahogs), baby shrimp for salads, tiger shrimp for pan broiling with garlic, olive oil, parsley and red pepper flakes. Lobsters (cooked or live). Lobster boats are busy in the waters a few hundred yards from HG/BSK’s shore. BSK’s sister, Noel M., and husband, Yossi, have invited HG/BSK to a lobster feast next week. Sadly, BSK is allergic to crustaceans. Not HG who is eager to tear into those tasty sea treats.

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