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Haddock is the perfect fish for frying. And, HG is expert at the art. Haddock is not available at Whole Foods in Santa Fe. So, when resident in New Mexico, HG substitutes very good Petrale Sole. Gently sautees (meuniere) the Petrale rather than frying. Happily, haddock flourishes in the seas off Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia so the glistening filets are sold super fresh. BSK was off to Charlottetown yesterday for Farmers Market and supermarket shopping. By the Bay Fish Mart in St. Peters is yet to open so BSK bought haddock and sea scallops at the Farmers Market seafood counter. Also picked up asparagus and tiny potatoes. (Sea scallops will top a salad dinner tomorrow). Last night’s dinner cooking was cooperative. BSK steamed the asparagus and cooked the spuds (showered with plentiful chopped dill when served). This is how HG fried the haddock: Filets were dipped in beaten egg. Then rolled in Madsden’s Fish Crisp, the excellent Canadian coating for pan frying. A big, trusty, aged and seasoned cast iron pan was pre-heated on the range. Canola oil was added and the heat turned to high. Pleasantly loud sizzling when the haddock hit the oil. Cooked for 50 seconds (or less) per side. On to a heated platter and adorned with dill, lemon juice and Frank’s Red Hot sauce. Haddock heaven.

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