Green Soup

January 23rd, 2019 § 1 comment

Lewis Carroll nailed it: “Soup of the evening, beautiful soup…” BSK certainly makes beautiful soup. HG’s favorite (also granddaughter Sofia’s fave) is a treat BSK calls “green soup.” It’s a soup filled with creamy deliciousness though no cream is used. HG/BSK had steaming bowls of “green soup” for dinner during another New Mexico snow shower. Nice antidote for chilly nights. So, what’s in “green soup” ? Broccoli, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, chicken stock, garlic,carrots, parsley, cardamom, nutmeg, Aleppo pepper and salt. BSK cooks this melange until the veggies soften and then purees it with BSK’s immersion blender. The soup offers three benefits: tastes wonderful; very healthy; nice way to ransack the fridge and use a bunch of over the hill vegetables. HG/BSK top their bowls with Greek yogurt and accompany the soup with garlic rubbed toasted baguette. Red wine is the appropriate beverage.

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  • Claudia Cragg says:

    This sounds delightful and I shall give it a go. The way you write about it makes it sound like a divine ambrosia and I am sure it is…

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