New Friends

October 3rd, 2018 § 0 comments

Winfried and Tatiana S. are distinguished figures in Swiss book publishing. A delightful, erudite couple. They are HG/BSK’s new friends. They rent a chalet in a cluster of summer rental cottages on Maclaren Road just minutes from HG/BSK’s home in Prince Edward Island. Winfried learned about this obscure vacation spot through an ad in a German language periodical which he was scanning some years ago while waiting for a plane at the Berlin Airport. Have now vacationed here for a number of summers. Winfried and Tatiana have the proper temperaments for PEI’s soothing, laid back, friendly, sea and sun environment. HG/BSK met W & T five years ago. Renewed the acquaintance last week when HG and Winfried encountered each other on the Maclaren beach. The meeting resulted in a gift to HG/BSK of two bags of lovely chanterelle mushrooms Winfried picked near his vacation chalet. They were delicious. W & T dined at HG/BSK’s home last night. Winfried joined HG in drinking icy vodka with freshly shucked South Lake oysters. Winfried admired HG’s swift and expert shucking (HG is not modest about his mastery of this essential oyster lover skill). Then, on to BSK’s lovely sea food chowder/stew of haddock, mussels, potatoes, garlic, olive oil, onions,clam broth and smoky bacon. Plus, many kernels of Blum’s sweet corn. Abundant white and red wine was drunk. Dessert was butter tarts (the Canadian treat that doesn’t travel to the USA) and French Vanilla ice cream. Matos Bagaco, PEI marc that’s better than grappa, was the finale. Much lively conversation. Discovered that all of us love books. Not Kindles, internet devices, etc. Physical books with binding, covers, book covers, etc. Books that you hold in your hand and turn the pages (and go back to refresh a memory or perception). HG/BSK, W & K are kindred spirits.

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