Sweet Corn Heaven

September 4th, 2018 § 0 comments

In the years following WW2, BSK lived in the town of Summerside in Prince Edward Island. Her detailed memories of eating sweet corn were some of many that prompted HG’s family to return to the island as tourists (and then as homeowners). Her memory was not wrong: some of the world’s best sweet corn is farmed on Prince Edward Island. The best source for this seasonal treat is the Town of Montague located southwest of HG/BSK’s oceanfront home. The purveyors are Isaac’s, Blum’s and Jean & Gary. All splendid. BSK cooks corn with skills perfected over time. HG/BSK eat two or three ears each every night. The corn is so good that HG often eats it without the customary butter and salt. Sometimes gives it a sprinkle of Spanish smoked pimenton. (Hot stuff). In the future there will be corn pancakes with Canadian maple syrup, corn pudding and corn fritters. Best ever corn fritters were served at Gage & Tollner’s, the venerable, long-shuttered restaurant located in downtown Brooklyn. The fritters were served with a juicy mutton chop cooked rare. (As good or better than the classic chop served at Keen’s in Manhattan). BSK is planning to add corn kernels to a big seafood stew BSK is planning for an upcoming family dinner. HG approves. Good corn makes everything taste better.

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