More Family Feasting

September 11th, 2018 § 2 comments

BSK’s sister, Noel, her husband, Yossi; son Matthew and Matthew’s Significant Other, the beautiful Allison dined with HG/BSK last night. Another jolly eve at HG/BSK’s Prince Edward Island oceanfront home. Yossi cultivates potatoes (among a score of other vegetables) at Noel/Yossi’s Ocean Mist Farm near Panmure Island (southeast area of PEI). He brought a big bag (HG/BSK never have to buy spuds). Matthew brought a jar of freshly ground horseradish (also from Ocean Mist Farm). Supermarket horse radish is pretty insipid stuff. Not Matt’s. Powerful and lots of flavor. BSK did a reprise of BSK’s seafood stew. This time BSK added pounds of mussels to the abundance of clams and cod. Plus plenty of sweet corn kernels. (Can’t get enough of PEI wonder corn). HG looked at the huge pot of goodness and murmured: “Leftovers for lunch tomorrow.” Wrong. The clean plate rangers knocked off every drop. French vanilla ice cream topped butter tarts (and a cake like variation of traditional butter tarts) for dessert. Nice finale.

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