Esther And Adam

September 1st, 2018 § 1 comment

Dr. Esther Freeman, husband Adam, Mother-in-law Susan Young, Sister-in-law Heidi Young (plus Esther and Adam’s enchanting children, Amos and Emilen) arrived for a brief visit. They were camping throughout the Bay of Fundy area in New Brunswick and at various sites on Prince Edward Island. A life enhancing and super helpful group. Among other things that demonstrated Adam’s mastery of household chores, he proved to be a champion oyster shucker (comparable to Maiko Sakamoto Freeman and HG). The Youngs brought a jug of pure maple syrup harvested from their Vermont farm. Very distinctive taste. Different from the Canadian maple syrup HG consumes daily. Dr. Esther is a noted dermatologist (practices in Boston). Graciously, she examined various sun spots and sores on HG and BSK. Recommended medical attention (HG and BSK made dermatology appointments in PEI and Santa Fe). Very helpful to have a Doc in the family. There was happy dining during the visit on sweet corn, fried fish, shucked oysters and other good things. Toby, The Wonder Dog, was sad at the group’s departure. Enjoyed all of the affectionate attention and belly rubs.

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  • Esther Freeman says:

    We loved visiting you! Adam is available anytime for your oyster shucking pleasure. Thanks for having us, Esther, Adam, and the crew

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