Canadian Health Care

September 24th, 2018 § 0 comments

HG is a very lucky guy. HG possesses a Canadian Health Card. That means HG is eligible for the efficient, professional, timely (and free) Canadian health system The contrast with Der Trumperer’s ludicrous American health system is laughable. Here’s today’s example. HG has had an annoying cold and persistent night time cough for some weeks. HG has COPD. This means HG is always alert to the possibility of pneumonia. (Last attack put HG in a London hospital). So, thoughtful BSK called the Montague, Prince Edward Island, medical clinic and made an appointment yesterday for HG to see a doctor. Quick answer. Appointment this morning. No waiting. Met the usual (for PEI) caring and professional nurse and doctor. Thorough check of all symptoms, health history and vital health issues (oxygen intake, blood pressure, breathing, etc.). This was followed by diagnosis, prescriptions, actions to be taken. Among other things, HG will be enrolled in PEI’s COPD “Action Program” which offers speedy treatment for COPD sufferers. The prescriptions cost $18 (US). No charge for anything else. The despicable Republicans in the “democracy” south of Canada continue to attack Canada’s universal health care system as over-burdened, inefficient, impersonal, etc. HG can only contrast today’s experience in Canada with what would have occurred under similar circumstances in HG’s home town of Santa Fe. Despite the fact that Santa Fe is more efficient and manageable than the large American cities, there would have been a massive cluster of phone calls, delays, long waits, etc. HG would not have seen HG’s family doctor for weeks and it would be months before seeing a COPD specialist. Lucky if HG got ten minutes of their time. And. Medicare and health insurance cost HG/BSK more than $10,000 a year. O, Canada !! Maple Leaf Forever !!

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