An HG Lookalike and Darling Wife

September 2nd, 2018 § 0 comments

HG’s nephew, Paul Freeman, bears a powerful family resemblance to HG. When HG looks at Paul, HG recalls HG’s past. When Paul looks at HG, Paul has (for better or worse) a glimpse at his probable future. Paul, and his enchanting wife, Viki, were in PEI for fun, beach walks, biking, golf and food. They were accompanied by three other couples, all friends from Viki and Paul’s home city of Atlanta. They proved to be a warm, generous, food and wine loving group. Obviously affluent.. One man carried Paul and his male friends to PEI on his 75-foot yacht. One of the women in the group, an attractive blonde, has been an aviator for decades. She and her husband own an eight passenger jet plane and this was the transportation for the women of the party. The obvious answer to the question of how to get to sometimes inaccessible PEI: Private yachts and jet planes. The entire group came to HG/BSK’s oceanfront home for a brief tour of the home, beach, etc. Very admiring comments concerning the (admittedly) spectacular sea and sky views. Then to The Inn at St. Peters for lunch. Very pleasant food and happy table talk. HG consumed one of PEI’s best (and most generous) lobster rolls. Paul and Viki went off with their pals to explore the “Floating Boardwalk”, sand dunes and beach at Greenwich National Park. Paul and Viki returned for cocktails, dinner, after dinner boozing and family talk, reminiscing, etc. Sheer delight. Paul has had a very successful career as a real estate developer and investor. He has faced (and conquered) many business challenges. That’s because he has true entrepreneurial courage. The saying: “No guts. No glory.” applies to Paul. He has guts and (deservedly) has reaped lots of glory. Among the glories is Paul/Viki’s 7,300 foot apartment in Atlanta’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel (Paul built and later sold the sumptuous hotel). Viki is a handsome, trim woman who combines vivacity with sharp intelligence. A convert to Judaism, Viki has been a power in Atlanta Jewish affairs, a sparkplug in supporting Israel, local charities and national educational institutions. Dinner began with 30 HG-shucked Malpeque and Colville Bay oysters. Then on to BSK’s unique seafood stew of cod, clams, corn kernels, fennel, onions, garlic, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, smoky bacon, olive oil and clam juice. (No leftovers). Climax was local butter tarts with French Vanilla ice cream. Many sips of Canadian whiskey and local PEI marc. Fun. Sadly, distance, not lack of affection, keeps HG/BSK and Paul/Vicki apart.

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